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Bitch Pills 120 Count

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Formulated with special herbs for the breeding female during pre-heat,heat,gestation,whelping & lactation.Dogs:1-2 tabs/50 Lbs BW daily;cats:1 tablet daily

Bitch Pills120Ct

Formulated with special herbs for the breeding female during pre-heat, heat, gestation, whelping & lactation. Contains the enzyme producing culture Aspergillus for digestion & assimilation of nutrients. Better prenatal nutrition results in healthier offspring. Ideal for pregnant or lactating bitches & queens. Ingredients include: 2000 IU vit A, 100 IU vit D, 7.5 IU vit E, 15mg vit C, 0.2mg folic acid, 7.5mg zinc, 50mg calcium, 15mg iron & more. Dogs: 1-2 tsp or tabs/50 Lbs BW daily; cats: 1/2 tsp or tablet daily.

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