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PUPPIES FOR DUMMIES by Sarah Dodgson A book you will love, and every puppy will need! From house training to proper puppy socialization.

Sku Number: 044PFD-55255

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New 3rd Edition.558 Pages Hardback, 175 how-to pictorial presentations. Symptoms index. A complete guide for the layman

Sku Number: 044DOHV-DC044

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Golden Retriever Chapters on buying a dog, grooming, training, understanding the breed standard, breeding, health concerns and more.

Sku Number: 044GR-60410

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How to Make Big Money Grooming Small Dogs - Book by Robert S. Whitman...192 pages, Soft Cover. Amateur's Guide to profitable, professional canine styling.

Sku Number: 044BMG-40215

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All New Revised 3 rd Addition. 416 pages, 320 Illustrations,41 photos.Fully illustrated step-by-step instructions for grooming each of the 161 AKC Breeds.

Sku Number: 044DG-11807

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Nutrition for Dogs-Book by Maryann Mott. Topics such as skin, coat and dental health are covered as well as special diets and how to interpret dog food labels. 64 pages

Sku Number: 044NFD-30707

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