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Component E-H & T-H - Finaplix Alternatives

Finaplix, sometimes referred to as trenbolone or trenbolone acetate, is an implant of pure steroid hormone that is administered to feedlot cattle. Cattle farmers and vets use it to augment the measure of weight gain in cattle and boost feed abundance to help aid in the growing of feedlot cattle. When used, the muscles in cattle are able to expand the amount of nitrogen that it can take in leading to greater muscle accumulation in feedlot cattle.

In June of 2012 it became difficult to obtain Finaplix because of FDA regulations, so Pups found a wonderful alternative with Component E-H & Component T-H. Our customers have been just as satisfied with these alternatives and also find that they are priced more competitively than the Finalplix that has been reintroduced to the market today.

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