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Just like humans age, pets get older and their joints get older, as well. They become less and less flexible which can hinder their ability to run, jump and play. Even some pets, regardless of their age, and depending on their breed, are more susceptible to suffer from joint problems. Fortunately, there is Cosequin. Cosequin will help in giving them a better quality of life and keep them running, jumping and playing.

Cosequin is a nutritional supplement created to aid in joint health for dogs, cats and even horses. It contains chondroitin sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride and manganese ascorbate. Cosequin can be given to cats and dogs of any size, and is administered in different dosages depending on the animal’s size. Cosequin dogs comes in chewable tablets or capsules. The capsules can be sprinkled on food and the tablet can be given as a pill hidden in their favorite snack or treat. For cats, the capsule is easily dusted over the cat’s food. Cosequin also comes in powder form for horses. Cosequin comes in different strengths depending on the animal’s need.

Cosequin for dogs should be given regularly for four to six weeks and should be divided between morning and evening, and per the dog's size, ranging from one capsule or tablet to four capsules or tablets. After four or six weeks, the dosage should be divided in half, and divided again between morning and evening and given every day, per the dog’s size, from half of a capsule or tablet, to two capsules or tablets.

Cosequin for cats comes in capsule form and should be administered according to the cat’s necessity. It can be administered in either1 capsule or 2 depending on the how small or big the cat is. It is given once daily by sprinkling it over the cat’s food.

Cosequin comes in powder form for horses, but also includes avocado and soybean unsaponifiables used to help repair and develop cartilage. It should be given for the first few weeks in two scoops and then one scoop each day following the initial weeks of administration.

Cosequin for dogs, cats and horses can be easily ordered through Pup’s Pet Supply. Pup’s Pet Supply has everything a pet owner would need to keep their pet in the best of health in body and mind, from supplements and grooming supplies, to toys and holiday items. Pup’s Pet Supply offers incomparable service and customer satisfaction. Visit today! 

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