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Smart Pond De-Icer

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Sku Number: 028API-SPD1500

List Price: : $45.46

Pups Price : $41.12

Product Details
Smart Convertible De-Icer..."NEW" A MUST HAVE DE-ICER!! Use as a floating De-icer or as a Sinking De-icer. "SAVING" can be expected to average $10 to $18 per month over the typical heating season.

Smart Convertible De-Icer
Use as a floating De-icer or as a Sinking De-icer.
The Smart De-icer from Allied Precision incorporates a microprocessor and high-resolution temperature sensing to enable more accurate control of water temperature. The result is substantial savings in energy costs.

The microprocessor continually monitors the operating conditions of the Smart De-icer, allowing it to be shut down within seconds should any section of the heating element be exposed to air.

The Smart De-icer can be converted from a Floating to a Sinking De-icer by simply removing the cover and the float and turning the deicer upside down to rest on the bottom of the tank. Sturdy feet support the unit off the tank bottom when operating as a Sinking De-icer.

Durable Die-cast Construction

  • Solid, finned aluminum heating element is virtually indestructable.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty.

Energy Savings

  • Microprocessor control with electonic temperature sensors enables more accurate temperature measurement, and therefore the ability to cycle on and off within a more narrow temperature range.
  • More accurate temperature sensing prevents excessive heating of the water, therby keeping the overall water temperature more constant over a period of time.
  • Accurate temperature sensing also prevents the de-icer from turning on when the air temperature would not result in ice formation.
  • The energy savings from the above features can be as high as 40%, while keeping the tank completely ice free.
  • Saving can be expected to average $10 to $18 per month over the typical heating season.


  • Runs cooler than any other de-icer rated 1000 watts or higher because of the exceptionally large surface area and open design of the heater.
  • Safe in plastic tanks without use of a guard.
  • Multiples temperature sensors positioned around the perimeter of the de-icer shut off the heater whenever a section of the coil is exposed above the water.
  • Accurate temperature sensing allows the unit to detect over-temperature conditions faster and shut down accordingly.


  • Dramatically outperforms all competing de-icers.
  • Keeps the entire tank ice-fee in below-zero conditions.
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