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Witness Relaxin Preg Kit

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Pregnancy Test Kit by Synbiotics. The Witness Relaxin tests offers an early inexpensive and reliable means of determining the success or failure of a planned mating or unwanted exposure.



Pregnancy Test Kit
Contents: 5 pouches, each containing 1 test device and desiccant; 1 Buffer dropper bottle (2 mL); Instructions for use; 5 pipettes.
Canine: The Witness® Relaxin tests offers an early, inexpensive and reliable means of determining the success or failure of a planned mating or unwanted exposure. A sudden decrease of serum relaxin level may indicate that abortion has occurred.
Feline: Pregnancy Detection in the Cat: Serum/plasma relaxin concentrations increase from days 20 to 31 after mating and remain elevated throughout pregnancy and for the first few days after queening.
•Some pregnancies may be detected as early as 20 days post-breeding.
•Others may not test positive until after 31 days post-breeding.
•It is therefore recommended to test after day 31 if a previous result was negative.
Test Principles: Witness® Relaxin is a simple test, based on Rapid Immuno-Migration (RIM) technology, using the combination of anti-canine relaxin antibodies to quickly identify this hormone in biological samples (serum or plasma) from the bitch. Sensitized colloidal gold particles bind to relaxin molecules present in the sample. The complexes migrate along a nitrocellulose strip and are then captured on a sensitized reaction line where its accumulation causes the formation of a clearly visible pink/purple band. A control band, located at the end of the reading window, ensures that the test was performed correctly.
Storage: Refrigeration not required (shipping on ice is recommended). Store the test kit at 2-25°C (35-77°F). Do not freeze.
Sample Storage: It is recommended to test samples immediately after collection. If samples are kept at room temperature, they should be tested within 4 hours. If testing is further delayed, samples should be refrigerated at 2-7°C (35-45°F) and may be held for up to 48 hours.
Caution(s): Do not use components after expiration date.
Use the test within 10 minutes after opening the sealed pouch.
Avoid touching or damaging membrane at windows #1, #2, #3.
The Witness® device should be placed on a flat, horizontal surface while performing the test.
Use a separate pipette for each sample.
Hold pipette and buffer bottle vertically when dispensing.
For veterinary use only.
Note: Prior to use, test and control bands appear yellow. The hands are dyed yellow for quality control purposes. The dye does not interfere with the test results and will wash away while the test is developing.
Discussion: General Information: The Witness® Relaxin kit is intended to determine pregnancy in the bitch, by measuring relaxin levels in plasma and serum samples. The presence of significant amounts of this hormone is a reliable indicator of pregnancy. A sudden decrease in relaxin may indicate that abortion has occurred. The Witness® Relaxin kit detects relaxin produced by the developing placenta(s) as early as day 20 after the luteinizing hormone (LH) surge. It is suspected that factors such as breed, size of the bitch and litter size may have some influences on the level of serum relaxin. Although approximately 80% of pregnant bitches are detected between 20 and 28 days post-LH surge, some may not be detected as positive until day 31. Since canine serum have a fertile intrauterine lifespan of 6 to 7 days after breeding (Concannon et al. 1983), initial detection post-breeding may vary. For example, a bitch detected positive for relaxin 22 days post-LH, will be claimed positive 24 days post-breeding if bred 2 days before the LH surge and 16 days post-breeding if the breeding occurred 6 days after.
Presentation: 5 test kits.

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